Hiring Your Graduate Assistant

Please be sure you have been allotted an assistantship by your Dean, Chair or Graduate Program Director (whichever is appropriate for your unit) before you hire a Graduate Student.

Once you have identified your graduate student and both sides agree to the work expectations, it is time to do the paperwork.  The hiring faculty member is responsible for completing the paperwork.  THE STUDENT IS NOT TO COMPLETE THE HIRING PAPERWORK.



1. Complete the Graduate Assistantship Contract and Approval Form   Please use the fillable form
(download the form to your computer, save it, complete it, save it again.  Digital signatures are preferred, otherwise, print and sign) Please complete all parts of the contract, including the last page.  Incomplete forms will be returned.

A. Graduate Research Assistant


B. Graduate Teaching Assistant (Instructor of Record or Teaching Assistant)

2. Complete a SEHF (Student Employment Hiring Form)

  • You may need your business manager for a couple of the fields.
  • The Contract and the SEHF must be sent together.

3. Teacher of Record Form (only needed for GTA's that are the Teacher of Record) and a Curriculum Vitae (CV)

4. Submit above forms to gradcollegeforms@kennesaw.edu only.

  • Both the Contract and SEHF must come together.
  • Forms should be digital/scanned and emailed to gradcollegeforms@kennesaw.edu. 

5. Deadlines can be found here.

Once the paperwork has been verified and then signed by the Graduate Dean, the faculty member and student will receive a copy of the signed paperwork with additional steps required of the student.  The assistantship is not confirmed and approved until it has been processed by The Graduate College.

Once a student’s hiring paperwork is received by HR, the student will be contacted by the Program Coordinator for Student Employment, with instructions on how to complete new hire paperwork and mandatory onboarding. If you have questions you can contact Sam Garbe, Program Coordinator for Student Employment, at sgarbe@kennesaw.edu or 470-578-3948. HR onboarding must be completed no later than the third day after the beginning of the contract.