Hiring Procedures

Once the student has been selected for hiring by the supervising faculty member, the graduate student's responsibilities in the hiring process are:

  1. Discuss the Contract with the hiring faculty member before signing.  The student should make sure they understand:
    1. what the project entails;
    2. what are the expectations, tasks, and duties;
    3. what are the learning objectives;
    4. how often they will meet with the faculty member; and
    5. how they will be assessed/evaluated.
  2. Confirm the start and end dates on the Contract as well as the number of hours required.
  3. Once you have signed the Contract, the faculty member will also sign and then submit the paperwork to The Graduate College.  It is the faculty member's responsibility to submit the hiring paperwork, not the student.
  4. Attend orientation with The Graduate College and any orientations or trainings designated by the department or supervising faculty member.
  5. Contact Human Resources (HR) to determine if they require you to process in with their office. 
  6. Make sure your tuition waiver is applied before the payment deadline for the semester.
  7. All GAs are charged for the mandatory Student Health Insurance Plan (SHIP).  You will receive information about how to request a waiver of the SHIP if you have your own qualifying health insurance.  You must follow up with the waiver process to ensure that the charge is waived from your student account.
  8. For steps 4, 5, 6, and 7 above, you will received an email once your Contract has been processed that indicates the timing on these steps.


The graduate student is NOT responsible for completing the hiring paperwork.  This is the responsibility of the hiring faculty member.

There are no paid benefits (sick time, vacation days, medical/dental, etc.) for Graduate Assistants.