How to Find a Graduate Assistantship Position

There are several routes to finding a Graduate Assistantship position.

1. Contact your academic department to learn about available GA opportunities.

  • Your Graduate Program Director may be able to match you with faculty within the program that are seeking a graduate student for their research project.
  • Faculty and Program Directors may not know which faculty have an approved research project until late in the Spring semester for the upcoming academic year.
  • Individual faculty members are responsible for selecting their GA.  They determine the skills and knowledge needed by a graduate student to best fit the research they will be conducting. 
  • The vast majority of graduate programs at KSU do NOT have guaranteed funded positions.  Only the MS in Integrative Biology, MS in Chemical Sciences, and the Ph.D. in Data Science and Analytics fund their accepted students.  The Ph.D. in International Conflict Management funds a selected number of students.

2. Review the GRA Job Board.

  • Faculty members that have not identified a graduate student may post their position to the GRA Job Board
  • Not all positions are posted to the GRA Job Board, only position in which the faculty member has not been able to identify a student through the route in item #1 will post their positions. 
  • On average, about 10% of positions get posted to the GRA Job Board.
  • If you see a position for which you feel you meet the faculty members expectations, you may submit the required documents through the GRA Job Board.  The faculty member will review the applicants and select a few for an interview. 
  • You use your KSU NetID and password to login to the GRA Job Board.  Once logged in you select the semester and then review the postings.

3. You may submit an Application for a Graduate Assistantship.